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Friday, June 17, 2011

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing Four Benefits for Children by ASliceOfHomeschoolPie

Have you ever thought about having your child take ballroom dance lessons? My son has been taking lessons on and off for a couple of years. Dancing is not something that comes easily to him, but ballroom dancing is something he enjoys participating in. I'd like to share what ballroom dancing has done for my son:
  • It has taught him how to be a leader. This is something that I know will stay with him as he gets older.
  • It has taught him how to treat young ladies with respect. This is seen in the way he politely offers her his hand and asks her if she would like to dance. It is also seen in the delicate way he holds her hand as he leads her to the dance floor, and in the way he gently holds her.
  • It has boosted his confidence. He has learned that with practice, he can execute various dance steps.
  • It has allowed him to stay active.
There are many more benefits to learning how to ballroom dance. As his teacher said, if he continues and excels in it, he can use his experience to teach others, therefore allowing him to earn an income to help pay for his college expenses.

Maybe after reading this post, you'll consider ballroom dance classes for your child(ren).

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