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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Getting Started with Spanish - Beginning Spanish for Homeschoolers & Self-Taught Students of Any Age

Getting Started with SpanishGetting Started with Spanish: Beginning Spanish for Homeschoolers and Self-Taught Students of Any Age (homeschool Spanish, teach yourself Spanish, learn Spanish at home) written by William E. Linney and Antonio L. Orta.

I have been on a search to find a good beginners Spanish curriculum. I found Getting Started with Spanish: Beginning Spanish for Homeschoolers and Self-Taught Students of Any Age (homeschool Spanish, teach yourself Spanish, learn Spanish at home) through one of my Internet researches. What jumped out at me about this program is its ease of use. The book includes 177 lessons. There are so many positive aspects to this program:
  • Simple to use - This book is broken into small chunks of lessons allowing you to go as slow or as quick as you like.
  • Not time consuming - For those parents who use a Charlotte Mason method of teaching, you will love the fact that these lessons can be finished within 10 - 30 minutes.
  • Free MP3 files - Pronunciations of the words can be downloaded from their website for free as MP3 files.
  • Exercises - It provides enough exercises for practice without being overwhelming.
  • Commentary Recordings - The author provides commentary recordings for each lesson. These can be accessed through their website. These recordings walk you through each lesson. This helps the parent by giving you the choice of doing the lessons with your child, or having the child do the lessons by themselves.
  • Cost - unlike a lot of Spanish curriculums and software available, this book is very affordable, costing only $20.95.
  • Answer key and Glossary - The book includes an Answer Key to each lesson's exercises. It also includes a Glossary noting the lessons in which the words appear.
If you belong to a Co-Op that offers Spanish classes, this would be a good book to use. In that kind of a setting, I would recommend it for grades 1 and up. In a home setting, I would use it with a Kindergartener, but at a slower pace.

You can view sample pages of this book here.

The con of this book is that as of now, this is the only book in the series. This means that once your student is finished with this book, you will have to search for another curriculum.

I would love for them to put together more advanced books so that the student can continue with their course. Also, the inclusion of videos showing the person pronounce the words would be a tremendous plus! Being a Spanish speaker myself, I know how important it is to see how the words are formed with the mouth.

If you have used this book, please share your comments below.

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  1. I have not used this curriculum, but I am going to check it out for my youngest child. As a follow up to this curriculum, I would recommend trying Open Door to Spanish. There are two books in that series, I believe. The exercises in the curriculum you reviewed reminded me of Open Door to Spanish.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I'll have to take a look at Open Door to Spanish.

  3. Interesting. As a former High School Spanish teacher, the brief lessons they promote are unfamiliar to me (not the content but the length/duration). My question would be whether or not the students would actually get the equivalent of the first year of Spanish completed in only one year.

    If I ever teach through our community center again, however, it might be worthwhile to look into. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. In answer to Cyndi, on the website they recommend giving 1/3 credit for a high school student who completes this book.


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