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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I could NEVER homeschool my children. I don't have the patience for it.

I could NEVER homeschool my children. Lacking patience. by A Slice of Homeschool #homeschool
When telling someone that you are a homeschool parent, have you ever received this response in return, "I could NEVER homeschool my children.  I don't have the patience for it."?

Yes, patience.  I wish I could say, "I'm a successful homeschool mom because I have the gift of patience."  If I did, I'd be lying.  I believe most (if not all) parents lose their patience at one time or another when schooling their children; we're sinful human beings afterall. 

Looking back at our past six years, I realize just how much I would have missed had I let my lack of patience keep me from homeschooling my children; I am so thankful that I proceeded in spite of it.

Okay, fine, but how can you successfully homeschool a child when patience has escaped you and all you want to do is scream?  Here's what I do when I feel this way.

First, I stop talking.  I take a deep breath and count to five before saying another word.  This helps me to gain better control of my emotions.  Sometimes, I even excuse myself from the room for a few minutes and pray, asking God to give me patience and wisdom in my choice of words.

Next, I make sure I am at eye level with my child and calmly explain (or re-explain) the assignment, instructions, etc. to him, and answer any questions he may have.  I do my best to uplift his confidence if that is the issue.

If after performing these two steps, things are still not working out as I'd like, I leave that subject alone and move on to the next one.  We later come back to it and try again.  Sometimes that means waiting until the next day.  Usually, the second time around things go much better because there are no surprises.  My child already knows the instructions and what is expected of him from our previous discussions and he's more acceptable to trying again.  (This is especially true if I wait until the next day to revisit the subject again.)  If it is delayed until the next day, it is the first assignment we tackle.

So when my children are all grown up and think about their homeschooling years, will they remember the times I lost my patience, or will they remember the laughter we shared when I goofed up another science experiment, the moments we spent cuddled up together while reading wonderful historical literature, the insightful discussions we had following those readings, learning together about what an awesome God we have, recess involving our building with Legos or jumping on the trampoline, or going to the beach and doing an informal nature study during traditional school hours?

If you've been considering becoming a homeschool parent but your "lack of patience" has kept you from moving forward with it, maybe it's time to reconsider.

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  1. Yes, we do get a lot of good experiences with our kids when we homeschool.

  2. Haha.. I hear that so often... I usually reply, Neither do I... But here I am! I think it teaches my kids that the best things in life are not easy! Homeschooling is hard, but the rewards are worth it!

  3. Savannah and Katie, I so agree with the both of you! :-)


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