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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A Reason for Handwriting

A Reason for Handwriting #handwriting #homeschool

A Reason for Handwriting: Manuscript A is a simple and affordable handwriting program for children in Grades K-6th.  It offers daily practice in handwriting, starting with numbers and then progressing to letters.  My son used Level K and A and enjoyed them.

Each workbook offers tips and/or instructions on the top of each page such as in Level K, "Trace each bubble.  Be sure to follow the arrows."  In Level A, Lesson 28's tip is, "Compare your writing now with your writing at the beginning of this workbook. Doesn't it look much better!  Remember, writing clearly and correctly is always worth the extra effort."

A Reason For Handwriting, Kindergarten: Kindergarten Student Workbook, which is based on creation, introduces one new letter a day.  If your child likes to color, they will especially enjoy these workbooks.  It offers large pictures for them to color.  For example, after they learn to write the letter "c", they turn the page over and see that there is a large "cat" for them to color.  They are to trace the "c" in the word "cat." 

A Reason for Handwriting: Manuscript A (1st grade) is scripture based.  It begins with a review and then moves on to the practice of writing various words (broken into three days) found in the scripture at the end of each lesson.  On the fourth day, the child is to write the scripture on one of the border sheets provided at the end of the workbook.  Again, if your child enjoys coloring, they will enjoy these sheets.  Once colored, they can share these sheets with friends or loved ones.  You may also choose to have your child memorize these verses.

A Reason for Handwriting workbooks cost around $11.95. (You can purchase them from Amazon for $11.53.)  They do offer teacher manuals, but I never felt the need for them, so it wasn't something I used.  These series of workbooks go up to Level F, so you may choose to use them for cursive writing as well.

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