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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Having an Independent Learner - Why Am I Not Jumping Up & Down?

Having an independent homeschool learner #homeschool by A slice of Homeschool
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Lately, I've been hearing a lot of discussions about the importance of having a child become an independent learner.  As my son's teacher, isn't this what I've been guiding him towards?  Wasn't this the day I was supposed to look forward to, the day when I hand over the school books to my child and he takes over the responsibility of his own education (with my being there as someone he can come to for help)?

This year my oldest son will be starting 5th grade.  This is the year that I am supposed to (according to the curriculum layout we're using) give the books over to him for his own reading.  He is now "capable" of handling most of his schooling on his own.  I should be happy, right?  Doesn't this mean I've accomplished my goal as a teacher?  Then why is it that I'm feeling a bit sad?

You see, I really enjoy every moment my son and I spend together during our read aloud times.  I love the discussions we share over the book's storyline, the laughter that overcomes us during the humorous sections, and the excitement a suspenseful story builds up within us.  I love sharing all of this with my son.

I know becoming an independent learner is part of the natural process of growing up, but I have learned today that as a parent, it's okay not to feel like jumping up and down with joy over it.

Oh, and by the way, I did set aside a few special books for us to share.

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