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Friday, September 02, 2011

Congratulations to the Winners of A Slice of Homeschool Pie's Writing Contest!

I am really excited to announce the winners of the homeschool writing contest!  One winner was chosen from the high school level, the middle school level, and the elementary level.  They each received a $10 Amazon gift card.

The topic was: My Thoughts About Being a Homeschooled Child.


Ryan, Age 15, 10th grade
Antonio, Age 11, 6th grade
Adam, Age 10, 5th grade 

Below are each of their winning articles.  I'm sure you'll enjoy reading them as much as I did!

Adam, Age 10, 5th Grade

One of the first reasons I love being homeschooled is because I love my mom, and enjoy having her as my teacher.  I really enjoy this because she makes my school day fun.  She also helps me a lot during my day.

Another good thing about being homeschooled is that I can complete my school day before public schooled children.  I don’t have to be stuck inside a school building.  Instead, I can go to my room to read my school books. 

A lot of my public homeschooled friends have asked me why I am homeschooled.  My answer is that I never wanted to go to a public school.  In public schools, you don’t get to be by yourself; being homeschooled, I don’t have to be with so many other kids and dealing with constant interruptions.  At home it’s just me and my mom (and my younger brother).

Most likely as a homeschooler, you’ll have more polite manners.  You’re not around all the bad language that can be used in public schools.  When I see a woman or senior citizen entering a building, I’ll hold open the door for them.  Often they tell my parents, “Your son is very polite.” 

The only negative aspect about being homeschooled is that I don’t get any snow days.

Antonio, Age 11, 6th Grade 

I love homeschooling because it’s very easy to just grab my work and do it.  Also, if you "stick to it," you can finish within three to four hours.  There is only one student (me) so my teacher isn't focused on other kids (except for my sister).  There are no other kids that may be a bad influence. 

Most people think that "we" won't spend enough time with other kids; well, they’re wrong.  I see kids almost every day.  I have actual "friends," not just people that I play with, and there are NO BULLIES at all.  Some people don't like homeschooling, but I do!

Ryan, Age 15, 10th Grade

I have been homeschooled for six years now.  I have found that it is much different from the three years I spent in public school before my parents chose homeschooling.  One of the biggest differences is the misunderstanding that a lot of people have about homeschoolers. Most people who ask, “Where do you go to school?” are shocked to hear that I don’t go to a conventional school, but am taught by my parents and Google.  There are some definite perks to homeschooling that a lot of people overlook, and I will address these points, along with the argument that I am not socialized because I don’t attend a public school.

I get to help in the decision of what subjects I learn this school year, and I get to pick out my textbooks.  There are some subjects that I need to learn anyway, even though I don’t enjoy them as much as I like the sciences, but other than those, I get to learn things that interest me.  This not only keeps me engrossed until spring, but it also makes me want to learn more than a textbook would.  I can also dive into specific topics as deep as I want to, such as the history of medicine, and then the history of William Harvey.

The question of socialization comes up almost every time I tell someone that I am homeschooled.  The only way to answer that is to explain that there are other things that go on in the world than public school.  All of the “extracurricular activities” become the responsibility of my parents and me.  My parents are a lot of fun, so they generally come up with some great ideas on what to do.  I joined the local 4-H club 6 years ago, and now I am the Vice-President.  I joined a trapshooting team and competed at the statewide shoots in Middle Ohio.  I joined the volunteer organization for the local Metroparks, and I get to go camping and kayaking, for example, all in the name of volunteering.  Last, but certainly my favorite of them all, I am a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol (CAP).  CAP does 95% of all the inland search-and-rescue missions tasked by the Air Force, and I get to not only socialize, but lead fellow cadets from the rank of Airman all the way to Colonel.

In my six years of homeschooling, I have done a lot more than public school could have offered me.  Not only have I had a rich learning environment, but I have had the chance to be a part of and lead some great groups of people my age.  I have immensely enjoyed my homeschooling experiences.

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  1. Wow,, awesome job guys!

  2. Great articles. I love how Ryan says, "My parents are a lot of fun"! And how Antonio says how some kids don't like homeschooling, but he does (that's great!). And how Adam says, "I love my mom, she's a great teacher...and she makes my school day fun." (and you really are a very polite boy, Adam!). Way to go guys!! I loved reading these.


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