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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First, I asked for God's forgiveness, then my son's....

Do you treat Bible Study as a "subject" in your homeschool? This mom shares her experience on how she was doing this and why it changed. (By A Slice of Homeschool

I have a confession to make: I have failed God.  This is the thought I was carrying with me all last week; the thought that weighed heavily on my heart.

My desire to homeschool was based on the importance of my son learning about our amazing God, to instill a desire in him to have a relationship with Christ, and what all of that meant for his life.

I naively thought I was going about this all the right way.  Ever since we started our homeschool journey we have started our school day with a Bible Study.  By doing this I was teaching my son to put God first, right?


My son and I were having a conversation in which I was encouraging him to read his Bible and write in his Bible journal.  He reluctantly started walking off.  I stopped him and explained the importance of his starting his day with God and continued to explain that I didn't want this to feel like a "subject" to him.  His response, "Well, it does."


I began asking myself how I could change this; what did I do wrong?  Then I took a look at myself and realized exactly how I had failed.  I had been treating our Bible Study as one of our "subjects" instead of a way of life.  It was on his schedule along with all of his other school books.  This in and of itself is not a bad thing.  This is not where I went wrong.

Now my confession...

The only time I am diligent about our family's DAILY Bible Study is during the school year.  I am ashamed to admit that over the summer this is not something we do on a daily basis.  We're too busy doing other things.

I personally have not been spending time with God.  My son used to observe me as I read my Bible everyday and listened along with me as I listened to Joyce Meyers' podcast when we drove somewhere.  Not a day would go by where I wasn't being fed God's word.  As I mentioned before, my son saw this.

I have failed God because ever since reading my Bible from beginning to end, the only time I have picked up the Bible to read it is during our Bible Study and our Sunday family time activity.  What does this say to my son?

So I failed.  However, thanks to a God that is both forgiving and full of grace, He made this all known to me so that I could change this.

The first thing I did was ask God to forgive me then I asked my son to do the same.  I explained to my son my mistake.  He hugged me and said, "It's okay mom.  I know how important God is."

Then I went on a hunt to find a good Study Bible.  I was interested in two different ones and wasn't quite sure which one to get as they were both expensive.  I took my children with me to a used book store and instantly found one of the two I was looking for - retail value of $34.99.  I was able to purchase it for $3.00!  As we were walking out of the store my son said, "Mom, that's the one God must have wanted you to have."

Today, I sat down at my kitchen table and started my day with God as my son looked on and the weight fell off my shoulder.

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  1. Such an easy, easy, easy thing to do in the life of a busy homeschooler. I think in any home it is so easy to compartmentalize everything, including God. But, He has that great, gentle way of reminding us that He doesn't fit into any of our neat little boxes!

  2. ASliceofHomeschoolPieSeptember 20, 2011 at 4:14 PM

    Thanks for stopping by. A simple change in wording that I hope will make a great impact - I now approach our Bible Study like this, "Let's do our family Bible study, then you can play for 15 mins. before we START school."


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