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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

A Look Inside Our First Day of School

Whenever we start a new school year I always feel excited.  I love learning with my children, so the two things I most look forward to include: new knowledge, and the extra one-on-one time I spend with each of my children.  I must admit that over the summer they don't get as much of my individual attention due to our busy schedules.

My 5-year-old started his first "official" day of Kindergarten.  At this stage, I tend to unschool.  The only two things I do concentrate on is teaching him penmanship and reading.  He listens in on his older brother's Bible Study (We're using Studying God's Word Book G.), and they will be learning Spanish and science together.

At 8:30 a.m. my Kindergartner was crying because he wanted to start school and had to wait until I was done cleaning the kitchen.  (He had been wanting to start school since Monday.)

We began our day by reviewing the months of the year (which my son already knows, but I wanted him to see the "words" to see if he recognized them). Then he put the calendar together for the month of September. 

After we were finished with the calendar, my son asked if we could do a "project" together.  I said, "Sure!"  He proceeded to build a rocket.  (I was going to build a vehicle using the instructions that came in the container, but my son had no patience for that.)

My little guy was wondering how he was going to get his "project" to balance.  His big brother came in to teach him all about the importance of supports and how they worked.  (So, the purple cross was added.)

He wanted to see just how tall he could build his rocket.  Once he was finished, I asked him if he would like to measure it to see how tall it was.

Of course, once you have a ruler in your hand you have to measure everything, including mom's height.

That was our math for the day.


After math, it was time to work on penmanship.  I taught him how to write a lowercase "a".  He prefers to write a capital "A".  We only did this until he asked if we could just draw on the board.  Instead of drawing, we ended up playing tic-tac-toe.

We then did our Bible study.

During our drive to the library, I decided to work on Language Arts.  As I drove, I asked him for the sounds of the letters and to name the five vowels (a review from preschool). 

During lunch, I went over the Spanish vocabulary with both of my sons.  Once they were finished eating, they practiced speaking to each other in Spanish using the words they had just learned.

Later in the day, I grabbed a book showing the differences between a child's life in our country and that of another boy in a different country (Social Studies).  This was my young son's and my cuddle time. 

Before bed, we read a book about Koala bears (science).  That was our school day.

Most of my older son's school day looked like this.

The book he was reading (Our Island Story) is one we started reading together last year.  When I saw him reading it I said, "We're going to continue reading that one together."  He said, "Mom, I want to read it on my own."  It made me sad.  However, there will be other stories we'll read together.

So there you have it, a glimpse into our first day of school.

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