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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The pleasure of teaching my son how to read

One of the subjects that I most enjoy teaching my sons is reading.  I love seeing the expression on their faces when they realize that they are reading all by themselves.  

I use The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading.  I love how it's broken up into small, simple lessons.  

My son likes to use his hands when learning, so I use magnetic letters to create the words on the table.  If the word is mat, I put the letters for "mat" on the table.  If the next word is "pat," I ask my son for the "p" (I say the sound of the letter, not the letter's name) and have him place it where the "m" was.  I have him sound out the letters and blend them together.  After we work through all the words for that lesson using the magnetic letters, I have him read them in the book.

After a lesson we celebrate with "high five's!"

What is your favorite subject to teach?

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  1. We use OPGTR too and it is my absolute favorite homeschool resource, ever!

  2. ASliceofHomeschoolPieOctober 20, 2011 at 9:15 PM


  3. I'm so happy for you that this is a joy. I hate teaching to read. Iove teaching all the other subjects but not HOW TO read..

  4. My girls are 9 and 10 now and so reading nicely on their own - most of the time, one or the other has a book in front of her! But our favorite time of day, hands down, is still their literature time, when they read a level-appropriate book. I cuddle up with whoever is reading and she reads aloud to me. We wouldn't have to do it this way, but we all love it...and it allows me to see how they're progressing, too. :^)

  5. ASliceofHomeschoolPieOctober 28, 2011 at 10:12 PM

    I can see my sons being in high school and still loving the togetherness that reading brings. :-) Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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