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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Our Visit to LEGOLAND Florida


Having two, okay if you count my hubby, three Lego fans, one of our first stops while on vacation in Florida had to be to the brand new LEGOLAND Florida park geared towards ages 2 to 12.  When I asked everyone at the end of the evening what their thoughts were about the new park, the responses were as follows:

10-year-old, "AWESOME!"

5-year-old, "EXTRAORDINARY!"

Parents, "COOL!"

The admission cost was a bit pricey (admission for ages 13+ is $75; ages 3-12/60+ is $65).  However, once we saw their Miniland USA, it made it (in our opinion) well worth it.

They offer about 50 rides.  One of my children's favorite was the Ford Driving School.  Here are some photos:

This life-sized Ford Explorer was made all out of Legos
Prior to driving the cars, the children had to watch a safety video.

I think what made the Ford Driving School so much fun for the children was the fact that it resembled actual roads including stop signs and working traffic lights.  At the end of their ride, they were given their own Driver's License. 

We spent a lot of our time admiring all of the Lego buildings, cars, ships, monuments, etc.  It was INCREDIBLE!  See for yourself below:



The photo above this sign is Little Havana.

I bought my first Lego kit at the store behind us - the pirate ship - Queen Anne's Revenge

Next time you're in Florida, or if you live there and have young children who love Legos, then you'll definitely enjoy LEGOLAND Florida.

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  1. Awesome! Our HS group is going early next year, and they have an introductory field trip rate of $5 pp admission. Something your readers may be interested in


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