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Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Way Back to Mayberry - Lessons from a Simpler Time by Joey Fann

My husband is a great fan of The Andy Griffith Show.  When we had our first son I found this book titled, "The Way Back To Mayberry - Lessons from a Simpler Time."  It is full of life lessons based on several episodes from the show.  Each chapter starts off with a Bible scripture, followed by a summary about the episode, and ends with a life lesson.

From Chapter 30, The Final Frontier (Opie and the Bully), you learn:
"I can do everything through Him that gives me strength.  Phil. 4:13"
"This lesson reminds me that it's okay to be afraid as long as my fears don't paralyze me.  But to prevent this from happening, I need courage to face the challenges in my life.  And similar to Opie's situation, that courage comes from the faith I have in my heavenly Father."
This chapter worked perfectly for our lives this week because of the class my children took on the subject of bullying, and today's Bible study which also spoke of not allowing "fear to paralyze us."  

And now that we have Netflix, I'm excited that we can now search for a particular episode discussed in the book, watch it together as a family, and then learn a life lesson from the book.  It works perfectly!

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