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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Week in the Life of a Homeschooler - Tuesday

Books scheduled for today
One of the things I enjoy about homeschooling is its flexibility.  I love that learning can happen anywhere and at any time.  Having said that today was not a "normal" Tuesday.  Actually, when it comes to homeschooling, there is no such thing as "normal."  Things can change on a day-to-day (and sometimes, hour-to-hour) basis. 

So what made this day not normal?  The weather!  It was BEAUTIFUL today and the thought of doing "school" inside was just not right, at least not for me. 

Instead of breaking everything we did today down by the hour, I'll just share how our day went.

This morning each of my children had a dentist appointment.  As we drove there, the children practiced their Spanish vocabulary.

It was this outing that made me realize just how wonderful the weather was today.  After we were finished with the appointments, I decided that we would go home, pack up our school books, throw some food and water bottles into a cooler, and head to the park.

On our way there, we listened to the story 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

While I read a few books with my oldest, my youngest played on the playground equipment where he had the opportunity to "socialize" with some new friends.

Here are some other school photos.

After spending a couple of hours at the park, we came home and finished some of the other subjects, including science and geography. 

When the children were finished, we went out for ice cream.  It was a wonderful school day.

P.S.  One of the new books my oldest is reading this term is Whatever Happened to Penny Candy.  We read the first chapter today and it sparked a great interest in my son to investigate the value of the pennies we have in our coin jar.  He's been going over each coin since early this evening.  I love the excitement that learning brings into his life.

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