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Thursday, September 27, 2012

1st Field Trip of the School Year - "Duck" Tape Fun

Yesterday I took the children on their first field trip of the school year - a trip to ShurTech Brands, the manufacturers of Duck (duct) Tape.  This is the type of field trip I love for the children - a memorable one!

The people at ShurTech were very pleasant.  The first thing the children did was have their photo taken with the duck himself (or herself?).  At the end of our field trip, each family received a beautiful 5x7 photo for themselves.

As we walked through some of the office building we noticed various creations made out of duct tape.  The children (and parents) were fascinated.  I'm sure we each had our favorites.

After going over some general safety rules we were shown two videos.  The first one discussed the company's history and how duct tape is made.  It was very informative and just the right length for our children's attention span. (The tour is offered for students in first grade and up.)  The second video was just a fun one which showed various sizes of duct tape rolls being rolled. 

This was followed by a walk through their packaging plant which was HUGE!  (My son said the property in which ShurTech sits is 211 acres.)  The moms enjoyed seeing the various graphics on the duct tape.  The children loved all of the duct tape creations.

My son was told that this cannon shoots confetti.

Looking for a formal dress?
Or shoes?
As we walked through the building I noticed they had inspirational quotes and signs spread throughout their walls.  If I would have had time, I would have photographed more of them as they were really worth remembering.

Once we were finished with the packaging plant tour, the children had a chance to create their own duct tape apparatuses.

Creating a bracelet.
The beginning of a wallet.
Families were able to purchase duct tape in the design of their choice for $5.00 each.  Flames were pretty popular with the older children.  My younger son chose Spiderman.

He couldn't wait to come home and create something with his duct tape, with his big brother's help.

No Lego city is complete without a swimming pool.
ShurTech has only been offering student tours for a few months.  If you live in the area, this is one tour you don't want your children to miss.

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  1. Looks like a neat field trip. Where is it?

  2. ASliceofHomeschoolPieNovember 14, 2012 at 12:07 PM

    They are in Avon, OH


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