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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Have You Ever Prayed to Win Something?

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Is there a giveaway that you've wanted to win so desperately that you actually find yourself praying to God and say something like this, "Dear Lord, I would so LOVE to win this giveaway.  If it be your will, would you PLEASE bless me as the winner?"

Okay, now I have NEVER, EVER prayed to win anything in my life.  I just have never felt the desire to do so, but those who know me know how much I admire Sally Clarkson as a role model - not only as a mother but as God's daughter.  I am always encouraged to be the best mother I can be for my children whenever I read one of her parenting posts on her blog I Take Joy, or after reading one of her books.

So why am I asking God to bless me with a giveaway of all things, because Sally Clarkson and Sarah Mae are offering a giveaway for a Spa/Mentoring Weekend with them in Colorado.  They are offering this as a promotion for the release of their new book titled, Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe.  To be able to have the opportunity to be mentored by Sally Clarkson would just be a huge blessing!

If you would also like an opportunity to enter this giveaway, visit  Only one mom will win and if God chooses it not to be me, then my prayer is that it be you.

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