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Thursday, March 28, 2013

God Speaks to Me - Often Through Other People

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Have you ever struggled with something and shortly thereafter (like the next day) someone you know speaks (or writes) about that particular thing?


I have experienced this so often that I have learned to recognize it as God's way of speaking to me, using that person and/or writer as a vessel. He has spoken to me twice this week alone through my mentor and writer Sally Clarkson, who writes at I Take Joy.  

This past Sunday during a Bible Study with fellow homeschoolers I spoke about my fear of becoming addicted to the computer. On Wednesday I received this in my e-mail inbox:

"May they not grow up to imitate addiction to the computer. May they not learn and display passivity from adults ignoring their needs while paying too much attention to facebook, twitter, blogs and cell phones. May they not copy the habit of observing parents dwelling hour after hour in front of impersonal machines, while neglecting to honor and invest in real time relationships."  
This was from Sally's post titled Killing the Soul of Children - Revisited.


This week I've been struggling with doubt as to whether or not I am a good mother - or more importantly, if I am being the mother God wants me to be. (Does anyone else struggle with this?) As much as I love reading Sally's posts - she offers so many encouraging words and motherly wisdom on raising children - I sometimes find myself, like yesterday, admitting that there are times her posts leave me feeling a bit like a failure. Then this morning I received her latest post titled, No More Guilty Mamas! Learning to "kick" the Dark Voices. When I saw the subject line I was flabbergasted! Imagine my feelings when I read this:
"Today, I am writing all the sweet mamas who are in this place and feel alone—as though they are alone in their feelings of guilt."
"A sweet mama wrote me a facebook message recently and said she often felt guilty when she read my posts. I totally understand! We all have regrets and can feel like, “I wish I had known more!” But, most of us were not trained to be good mamas and had very few good models to follow, so often we muddle the best we can."
"Heroes are those people who feel the same stress, fear, anxiety that everyone else feels in a terrible situation. But they do something about it—they act in a forward direction and do something to save the day."
"So, you can be a hero—you are still writing your story—Yet you have to choose to live in forgiveness. Your story cannot have a good ending unless you decide to celebrate life right where you are and give your guilt, inadequacy, condemnation and then live in the freedom that He {God} wants you to have."
Again I ask, coincidence?

Yes, God speaks to me, and often it is through other people. What about you, is this something you've experienced in your lifetime?

Here I share about another time God revealed himself to me.

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