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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Olympia Candy Field Trip

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Today some families from our homeschool group went on a field trip to the Olympia Candy store where the children were to witness first-hand how some of their candies were made.  This was a fun field trip for the children, although the tour portion was a bit shorter than what we had expected.  However, at the end of the tour each child received a "goodie" bag which included a chocolate candy bar.  Moms received a bag too with a yummy bag of caramel popcorn inside!

Of course, the first thing the children did was to go on an exploration of the store to see all of the candies available for purchase.  This included a large jelly bean dispenser.

During the tour the children were given the opportunity to fill candy bar molds with chocolate.

Then they went to the back room to see how other candies were made. This is a photo of pretzels being covered with chocolate.

Each child (and parent) was able to eat a chocolate covered pretzel. They were GOOD!

They learned about what the various equipment was used for.

The store also has a Grill where you can order lunch.  They also offer over 40 flavors of ice-cream.  After our tour we ate lunch.  The food was reasonably priced.  We'll have to go back to try out their ice-cream.

If you live in the area and would like to tour the Strongsville, OH, store, the cost is $5.00 per person. I thought that was a bit high considering how brief the tour was, but it was fun for the children.

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  1. You received a goody bag, including a candy bar, mom's got caramel corn, and everyone got to eat a chocolate covered pretzel -- all for $5.00! You need to do your math again, because short tour or not, this is a steal!. Add up the cost of staff, and the products, and they are just covering their costs.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I felt the tour was a bit pricey because I paid $15 (for three people) for a very brief tour. Maybe it would have cost more than $15 for the products they gave us, I'm not sure as I don't know what the price was for each individual product.

      I appreciate you offering a different viewpoint on this subject.


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