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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sometimes All You Need to Bring A Smile to Your Day is a Kid

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One of the aspects I most enjoy about where I live is that although I'm in the middle of a small city, I am also surrounded by the country, so I get to experience the pleasures of both "worlds."

A friend and fellow homeschooler of mine lives in the country and owns several barn animals. Her goat recently delivered two kids and we were fortunate enough to spend some time with these cute little animals. They were only a day old.

I love the names given to them, Salt...

and Pepper.

And here's a photo of their mom, Daisy.

These little kids were so cute that I even had to hold one. Pepper was my favorite.

It's amazing how these little "babies" could already walk, run, and even climb after being born only a short 24 hours prior. This was a fun experience for us all.

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  1. I'm stopping by from the UBP13. It's so nice meeting you (I read your About Me post). I used to have Angora Goats and they were so much fun to watch! They're super cute with their little ringlets too if you ever get a chance to see one :-)

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