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Thursday, November 21, 2013

2014 TeenPact Leadership Classes

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The schedule for the 2014 TeenPact Leadership Classes have been posted. (To read about our previous experiences with this program, click here and here.) This year my oldest son will be participating in their Political Communication Workshop. Below is the class description as written on their website:

"Attendees will participate in a day filled with academic material ranging from policy debates and mock legislative sessions to field experiences, not to mention continued interaction with likeminded teens and curriculum that guides students towards Biblical truth. TeenPact’s Political Communication Workshop is a great opportunity for those interested in improving their knowledge of public policy while learning about and practicing public speaking and communication!

At the Political Communication Workshop, students will learn:
  • Fundamentals of speech writing
  • Cross examination skills
  • Aspects of presentation
  • Principles of excellent communication"

My youngest son will be participating in their one-day class for the first time. During this class he, along with other students, will:

"become Senators in a mock legislature where they discuss bills that they have written themselves, pray for their leaders during a prayer walk, watch a skit about the legislative process, and discover their capitol building by going on a scavenger hunt! These and many more hands-on, on-site activities will help students understand their state government as well as the role of Christians in politics."

They also offer a 4-day class for students ages 13-19. TeenPact Leadership classes are offered throughout the United States. To see if there is one offered in your area, visit their website here.

Fees for their classes are as follows:

Ages 8-12 One Day Class: $40; siblings - $35 (Register 60 days before class and receive $5 off.)

Political Communication Workshop: $50 ($40 with 4-day class purchase)

Ages 13-19 Four Day Class: First time students - $240; Returning student - $200

Please visit their website for other fees not listed here.

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