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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Can Personality Tests Actually Be Accurate?

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Have you ever taken a personality test? Every once in a while if I run across one, I'll take the test just for the fun of it. I've never given much credence to them, but I can't help but be curious as to what it will "say" about my personality.

Most of them are usually either way off the mark, or just slightly off.

However, I recently took a free personality test at Surprisingly, the results of this particular test were uncannily accurate in describing me. After answering only a few short questions, not only did I learn what my personality type is, but I could take this information even further by having iPersonic (at a small cost) use this information to:

  • Help put together a career profile which would include a list of careers suitable for my personality type and a list of my strengths and weaknesses.

  • Analyze a relationship profile to help me come up with my love type and a relationship strategy.
  • Provide me with a 60-page iPersonic Health Coach e-book to help develop building blocks for my personal well-being.
Now, I don't know how accurate any of the above reports would have been as it wasn't something I was interested in pursuing, however for those of you who may appreciate some help in any of these three categories, you may find this information useful.

As for me, I was just looking for some entertainment, and this personality test fulfilled that need for me.

A few of my friends also took this test and most of them commented that it was pretty accurate for them as well.

If you have some time and are curious to see how accurate iPersonic is in evaluating your personality, visit them at

Do come back and share your personality type with us. Who knows, maybe you're a Social Realist like I am.

If you're curious to see what a Social Realist's personality is like, continue reading on.
"Social realists are popular persons full of energy. They are reliable, well organized and helpful. Traditional values are important to them. Founding a family also plays a central role in their life. Social realists have a marked social streak."
"They are always ready to listen to the worries and problems of others and spare no effort when they are asked for help. With empathy and understanding, they can sense what other people need. Social realists are always willing to highly regard the strong points of the other person and to excuse that person’s weaknesses. They are the most sociable of all personality types. Social contacts are very important to them."
"Social realists find it very difficult to cope with conflicts and criticism - harmony is their elixir of life. Acknowledgement and esteem are very important to this type. Differentiation on the other hand is not necessarily one of their strong points. At work and in partnerships, they are loyal, committed and always there when needed. They find it easy to make friends due to their open, warm manner and they have a large circle of friends. In love, they are faithful and attentive and care for their partners with a great deal of imagination and sensitivity. Social realists show their feelings openly and honestly. Should a relationship break up, they tend to blame themselves. That is why they find it very difficult to end a partnership even if it has not fulfilled their requirements for some time."
"Social realists are more conservative types. They have a set system of values and rules which is orientated to the prevailing traditions. They prefer clear, structured surroundings and work processes; they find too much change and unrest unpleasant. Their strong points are carefulness and reliability and not so much flexibility and spontaneity. Social realists are open-minded towards anything new only to a limited extent. But, should one be looking for someone to fulfill a task reliably and exactly, they are the right persons."

"Adjectives that describe your type: extroverted, practical, sentimental, planning, emotional, temperamental, energetic, tradition-conscious, loyal, helpful, devoted, reliable, caring, objective, thorough, organized, warm-hearted, open, friendly, sociable, chummy, obliging, self-sacrificing, public-spirited, sensitive, kind, demanding."
Yes, that's me all right, a Social Realist.

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