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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What Does Blogging and Having Boys Have in Common?

What does blogging and having boys have in common? by #blogging #raisingboys #boys

Blogging makes me think of my sons in a humorous way. I was really busy this past weekend writing several posts as my boys ran around, asked me questions, made noise, and were basically just being boys. This led me to realize that blogging and having boys actually have several things in common.

Today I will share some of the more challenging aspects of both.

Here goes:
  1. They use up a lot of energy.
  2. They force you to understand a different language (Yes, boys do have their own language!).
  3. They use their own verbiage (which explains Number 2).
  4. They often leave you feeling confused.
  5. They sometimes require you to stay up past your bedtime.
  6. They are dependent on you. 
  7. They make you want to pull your hair out (occasionally).
  8. They require a lot of your time.
  9. They sometimes have glitches in their responses.
  10. They use up a lot of your brain cells.
Come back tomorrow where I'll share 10 favorable things in, What Does Blogging and Having Boys Have in Common? (Part 2).

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  1. We have 5 boys (3 still home). they find a way to make me laugh when I begin to give them discipline.

    1. I'm sure that helps to lighten up any frustration in the air. :-)

  2. I have 6 boys (and 4 girls) and they're a different animal.

    1. Oh Shecki! Your house has got to be a whole lot of fun! I love big families and had I been younger when I started a family, I would have enjoyed having a lot of children.

      Come back tomorrow to read Part 2 of this post.


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