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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Raise Your Hand If You Enjoy Giveaways!


Do you see my hand raised? :-) I love giveaways and figured you might too, so below I've put together a list of giveaways being offered by fellow bloggers. Take a look and see if there's one you'd like to enter.

Have fun! If you win, come back and let me know!

See the Light art program (Ends 4/2/14) - Hosted by Living Life & Learning

The Sparkle Egg written by Jill Hardie (Ends 4/7/14) - Hosted by Daily Life

The Reading Game (Ends 4/4/14) - Hosted by Homeschool Giveaways and Freebies

Where in the World: Around the Globe in 13 Works of Art book (Ends 4/20/14) - Hosted by Kathy's Cluttered Mind

Science in the Beginning by Dr. Jay Wile (Ends 4/14/14) - Hosted by

Experience History Through Music by Diana Waring (Ends 4/7/14) - Hosted by

Homeschool Adventure Curriculum (Ends 4/7/14) - Hosted by

Grace & Truth Books (Ends 4/7/14) - Hosted by

Firmly Planted Family Bible Study (Ends 4/14/14) - Hosted by

Kindle Fire HD (Ends 4/14/14) - Hosted by

Tom Sawyer Unit Study (Ends 4/4/14) - Hosted by Confessions of a Homeschooler

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  1. Oh yea! I always love seeing a list of giveaways!

  2. I have recently become more concerned with the social media saturation as well...but yes, my kids see me blogging & all thinking "hmmmm, lots of computer time for Mama!". We don't have cable, but do watch stuff on YouTube. We try to limit the cell phone (we only have one family one), but that's hard when you're expecting a text or phone call...thanks for sharing this. A great reminder we, as parents, need to be continually diligent :)

    1. Hi Rachel. I believe this comment was in reference to my post on the Captivated DVD. I agree that parents do need to be diligent. :-)

  3. Visiting from and I love this list of the giveaways! Being able to homeschool my kids is a top goal of mine and I find all of your information so much help.
    Thank you!


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